Adoption in Quebec or abroad

Deciding to have children means deciding to go through one of the most memorable life experiences. But this is just the beginning of the story …

Because the arrival of a child will ruin your life in many ways, you must think carefully about its effects

your relationship with others;
your career;
your other children
your physical health.
First, a reflection!
It’s time to think about the people around you and imagine what your future will be like. Do you have the social support that you think needs to be raised? How do you manage if financial difficulties occur? What values ​​do you want to convey to your child about religion, family and work?

If you have a partner, what values ​​are common to you? In what areas do you have to compromise? What kind of life will you and your child take if separated from your spouse?

This is the most important question in everyone’s life. Because they might appear if you have children, it’s time for you to talk about it with your partner!

There are also material questions that are worth checking: do we have enough money, a large enough home, the possibility of developing the work life of one or both parents? The ideal is to provide all this before becoming pregnant. This is also an opportunity to ask questions about your health condition and to think about what you can do to improve it, if necessary. The link below gives you more information about this.

Stop contraception
If, until now, your main concern is not to get pregnant, you might expect to get pregnant soon, as soon as you stop any contraception. In fact, it usually takes four to six months to get pregnant and that can take longer for some women. See the section on natural contraceptive methods at the sexual health center, to find out when your menstrual cycle is likely to get pregnant. Although this information is useful for many women to avoid pregnancy, you can also use it to increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you are worried because you have difficulty getting pregnant, you can read the following to find out if you should undergo a fertility test.

And when you are pregnant, how do you know? Pregnancy tests are now sold in all pharmacies. By reading the following, you will discover how they are used and what they measure.

If infertility occurs
Some couples have difficulty getting pregnant and are afraid of the possibility of infertility. If you are under 30 and have tried to get pregnant for more than a year, it is time for you and your partner to see an obstetrician for a preliminary examination. Because early diagnosis and treatment may be important, the Canadian Fertility Awareness Association recommends that couples consult early in certain situations. For example, women who experience recurrent miscarriages should visit an obstetrician after six months of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, as well as couples where men or women are in the following circumstances:

You are over 30 years old irregular rules or the absence of previous contraceptive rules through contraception (IUD);
history of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in one or the other;
history of prostate infection in humans or genital infection in one or the other;
surgical intervention in the stomach in one or the other;
reversal of surgical sterilization in one or the other;
endometriosis (tissue development similar to the uterine lining outside the uterus, most often in the sacrum area, which can cause pain and infertility. This condition often makes periods painful);
discharge of breasts;
severe acne or excessive hair (hirsutism) in women

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