Adoption in Quebec or abroad

Either by choice or because it is the only choice, if you want to adopt a child, you have to be patient!

Also, be aware that the steps are different depending on whether you choose to adopt it in Quebec or abroad.

Adoption in Quebec
Over the past ten years, around 300 Quebec children have been adopted every year. Adoptive parents may be married, civil union, common law or single. They can also be the same sex (same-sex parenting).

To adopt a child from Quebec, you must first register with the Youth Center in your area. Consult the website of the Association des centers jeunesse du Qu├ębec for contact information.

You must then register with one or both of the adoption banks. Youth Centers in your area hold information sessions to help you make informed choices and understand the differences between the two adoption banks.

Regular bank
This bank includes children left behind for adoption by their parents from birth or young, orphans and abandoned children who have been cared for by the director of youth protection (DPJ). Depending on the region, the minimum waiting period for this bank may be four to eight years due to the small number of children registered there.

Mixed bank
This includes children who are expelled from their parents by the Director of Youth Protection (DYP) due to abuse, neglect, inability to care for them, high risk of neglect, etc. Before you can adopt, prospective parents must act as foster parents. Depending on the region, age, and characteristics of the child (origin, health condition, etc.), the waiting time for this bank can be from three months to four years.

Once registered, you must submit to an assessment of your personal, social and family situation. The purpose of this psychosocial assessment is to determine whether you have the motivation and capacity to be a parent and provide an environment that meets a child’s needs. In the case of a mixed bank, your ability to meet the special needs of children from difficult family backgrounds is also assessed.

If your assessment results are positive, then you are added to the waiting list as a prospective adoptive parent.

Details about a mixed bank
After a few months or years of waiting, you will be matched with a child who will stay at home and for whom you will receive a salary as a host family. At this stage of the procedure, the child usually maintains contact with his biological parents and can be returned to his side. You must know this possibility.

If the child lives with you, DYP will evaluate for about one year if the child adapts well. If so, the DPJ will then begin the legal process so that you can adopt it officially.

For adoption to be granted, several conditions must be met. Among others:

You must be at least 18 years old
adoption must be in the best interests of the child;
the child, if he is 14 years or older, must approve the adoption;
biological parents must approve the adoption of their child; But their consent is not needed if they lose the authority of their parents or if they do not care for, care for or educate their children for at least six months.

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