Early symptoms of pregnancy

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Early symptoms of pregnancy

When all of our body fibers vibrate with the hope of being a mother and we dream of becoming pregnant, we are looking for the slightest change that can announce pregnancy. What are the symptoms that appear from fertilization?

Wait until the due date of the rules, hope for a positive pregnancy test … For many women in the process of conception, this hope cannot be maintained. Some of them, very concerned about their bodies, will experience symptoms of pregnancy since conception. Is that possible? Mamanpourlavie.com has asked Dr. Kahia Tala Ighil, a family doctor, to review the Future Medical Private® Clinic.

Early signs of pregnancy
In the forum, you can read the messages of women who claim to feel physical signs of early pregnancy, and only hours after conception. Lower abdominal withdrawal, breast pain, nausea, ovarian constriction, fever, chills, breast swelling, and mood swings are the most commonly reported symptoms.

A hunch
Nothing is proven, because there is no research conducted in this direction but some women have a hunch during implantation. “Physiologically and biologically, they will know that they are fertilized,” Dr. Tala Ighil.

The desire to urinate frequently
The first days after implantation, women may have the urge to urinate more frequently, due to increased levels of progesterone which causes urinary stem relaxation. For this same hormone we owe traction and pinching in the lower abdomen, because it also works on ligaments.

Fatigue, drowsiness everywhere and all the time, top the list of early pregnancy symptoms. This often appears before the menstrual period and gives women the impression of being patraques. Thal Ighil confirmed that the main cause in this condition of hypersomnia is also progesterone.

Painful breasts
Hormonal cocktails associated with early pregnancy are also a cause of breast pain. For some women, sensitivity is such that they can barely support their clothes. Discomfort is often accompanied by an increase in the chest. Although this conception is very early, the body is preparing (already) for breastfeeding. Fortunately, these symptoms must subside during pregnancy.

The above summarizes the initial symptoms, which may arise from implantation until the due date of the rule. Here are other signs, which appear around the second week after ovulation.

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